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Hero of the Quarter

having a team of trained specialists that can handle any query we may have is invaluable

D&M ToolsEliseOrder Processing Administrator

In this edition of Your Sage Pay, our Hero of the Quarter is D&M Tools, a family run tools business from Twickenham. We spoke with Elise, Order Processing Administrator, at D&M Tools, and she gave us the rundown on why her family’s business has thrived on a diet of face to face, personal customer service and expert advice to match.


D&M Tools was established in 1978 by Elise’s grandparents David and Mary Dowding, and was quite different to the one of today! Their original focus was DIY and hardware, being a continuation of the founders’ passion for carpentry. We asked Elise about the development and growth of the business, and she had this to say: “The business has evolved significantly over the years in both the expansion of our showrooms and warehouse as well as online, and we now specialise in power tools and woodworking machinery. Our ethos, however, remains unchanged: to supply top quality products backed up by first class service.”


We asked what Elise is motivated by as a business builder. She said “the desire to continue building on the reputation that our company has established over the past 40 years. I look at every order and customer phone call as an opportunity to do this.” Inspired by her dedication to her customers, we asked her opinion on the growing trend of entirely online customer service with automation and live chat. She is passionate about customer service and told us this: “The trend towards ordering online and automated response seems to have taken the human element out of business, which I feel is a shame. We try to make our customer experience more personal to reflect that we are a family business. For example, our customers will always get a call from one of our friendly team to advise that a Click & Collect order is ready- not an email!”


We inquired into how D&M tools found out about Sage Pay, and Elise told us that the gateway was recommended to them by their web developers as the company grew and moved into an online realm. They now have Sage Pay embedded into their EPOS and internal systems for ease of use. We also asked why D&M tools continue to use Sage Pay when there are so many options for a small business, she told us that they “use Sage Pay over other providers for many reasons” calling the gateway “intuitive” and “easy to use”. She also cited that “having a team of trained specialists that can handle any query we may have is invaluable”.


She also told us that her favourite feature of Sage Pay is the ability to do advanced fraud screening with the customer service team at no extra cost. She told us that “as an independent family business, it is absolutely vital that we don’t lose stock to fraudsters”. She added “With the information gathered from the fraud screening tool, we are able to make informed assessments of how secure an order is and whether or not we should proceed with it”.


D&M tools are located at 73-81 Heath Road, Twickenham, Middlesex, TW1 4AW or at


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