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Webinar: The Place of Payment Tech in the Future of Commerce

Shopping behaviour is changing. Find out what the new generation of consumers expect and how businesses can use payments technology to re-think their customer experience.

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We’ve got exciting new developments in the pipeline.

With a changing payments landscape, the emergence of 5G and a new generation of shoppers, Sage Pay has been building on our roadmap to position us, and our merchants for the future.

The Sage Pay 2020 Roadmap


Q3, 2019

Product launch; the new Verifone Engage Range for mobile and countertop devices. Full SCA/PSD2 compliance. Cloud platform upgrade; enhanced capability and scalability. The Launch of [email protected] for hospitality.


Q4, 2019

New Payment method added to gateway: Apple Pay. Pay-by-link capabilities. Verifone Engage P2PE upgrades. [email protected] and [email protected] added to engage terminal range capability


Q1, 2020

Product introduction: Verifone Engage commerce apps and fuel capability. API improvements. UI/UX review & redesign. [email protected] in a hosted environment. iOS and new acquirer integration.


Q2, 2020

Enhanced Tokenisation. Verifone Engage improvements & increased functionality. Integration with additional fuel providers.

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Whitepaper Download: The Changing Behaviour of Shoppers

Keeping up with the changing expectations of consumers remains a challenge. Yet, with this there is an opportunity for merchants to differentiate themselves by delivering a frictionless checkout experience.

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