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Integrate Drupal Ubercart with Sagepay

Drupal Ubercart takes all the benefits of the widely-used Drupal CMS and adds a cart which is user-friendly for administrators and customers alike. There are 2 ecommerce solutions available for Drupal - Ubercart is more of a ready-to-go solution compared to Drupal Commerce. It offers lower initial costs while giving away only a little in the way of flexibility and still leverages all the scalability that Drupal affords. Being open source, there is no vendor or support lock-in.

The Sage Pay Ubercart module has been developed by Infomagnet, a Drupal-only agency who have been doing ecommerce with Drupal since 2005.

The Drupal Ubercart Sage Pay module integrates the day-to-day functions of a typical ecommerce site with the Ubercart shopping cart. Anyone familiar with Drupal will be up and running with Sagepay Payments easily. A new version of the module with v3 of Sagepay's protocol will be out in September 2014

Sage Pay module for Drupal includes:
  • Switch easily between live and test modes
  • Reports AVS / CV2 / 3DS screening information when viewing the order in Drupal.
  • Supports Authorize / Authenticate functionality.
  • Supports Deferred payments.
  • Integrates Paypal payments with Sagepay.
  • Keeps customer on your website throughout the payment process.
  • Integrates with one page checkout and (optional) skip checkout review.
  • Create manual orders and process them on the site.
  • Takes advantage of Rules integration.
  • Allows recurring payments and subscriptions.
  • Allows refunds from the order view.
  • Has been used for sites selling memberships, subscriptions, downloads, physical goods.