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Sage Pay End of Life (EOL) Policy

Rapid advances - in payment types, card schemes, fraud detection, and security – drive the level, timing, and nature of enhancements to the integration protocol versions. Sage Pay strives to keep its gateway integration protocol at the forefront of these advances by introducing new versions when appropriate.

This document defines the EOL policy and processes as well as explaining the nature of the support that will be made available to customers once a new integration protocol version has been announced.


Sage Pay will declare an integration protocol version EOL, typically with twelve (12) months’ notice, once a new integration protocol is made available.

The EOL schedule will be communicated via Sage Pay’s website and/or electronic correspondence with merchants, partners, and developers.

The test gateway capability that supports the affected integration protocol will be decommissioned six (6) months in advance of EOL.

Once an integration protocol version has reached EOL it will no longer be supported, i.e. Sage Pay will no longer provide maintenance releases for that version. All features, security and other risks will be the responsibility of the relying party.

In addition Sage Pay may, subsequent to EOL and at its discretion, cease to process payment transactions via the EOL version.

Sage Pay reserves the right to reduce or amend support service offerings available for renewal under this policy at any time, with or without notice.


  • Integration Protocol Version: A version of the Sage Pay integration protocol that enables online transactions to be processed.
  • Major Release: A new release of the integration protocol version that incorporates the last maintenance release(s) (if any) and may include additional enhancements to the integration protocol version. 
  • Major releases may include technical enhancements, major feature changes as well as new features and functionality. Major releases are designated by the numbers immediately to the right of the decimal point, such as 4.1, 4.2, etc.  
  • Maintenance Release: A release of the integration protocol version that provides cumulative bug fixes for a particular major release. A maintenance release typically does not contain new features or new functionality. Maintenance releases are made available to our merchants, partners and developers and are typically provided as full versions of the integration protocol version that can be deployed as a new install or as an upgrade. They will be backwards compatible. Maintenance Release nomenclature adds a decimal and additional number to the right of the Major Release version number (e.g. 4.1.1, 4.1.2, 4.2.2, etc.). In general, maintenance releases occur more frequently than major releases.
  • Bug Fixes: Software code patches or updates that resolve specific software deficiencies and may also include patches and workarounds.
  • End of Life or EOL: The date from which we cease to provide support for the named integration protocol version or major release and its related maintenance releases.
  • Support: Includes the maintenance releases for integration protocol versions which have not reached EOL.  Support also includes services we will provide to merchants, partners and developers to transition them from an EOL integration protocol version to one of the current integration protocol versions.  
  • Test Gateway: A non-live version of the gateway where merchants, partners and developers can freely test their integration to our integration protocols.
  • Relying Party: A customer, partner, merchant or shopper making use of the integration protocol. 

Additional Information:

We may update, revise, supplement, modify, or amend this policy at any time. Any updates, revisions, supplements, modifications, or amendments are effective immediately upon communication via our website and/or electronic correspondence to current merchants, partners and developers and will only be applicable to disputes arising, or arising out of events occurring, after such posting has been made.