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Fraud Screening explained

Fraud Screening provides all of your transactions with a score and rating that highlights the level of risk the transaction pose to your business.  Although not controlled by Sage Pay the fraud screening tool will provide you and your business with additional protection against fraudulent activity.




What are the score’s?

Once the 3rd Man have reviewed the transaction you will be given a numerical score, along with a rating.  

The available ratings are:

  • OK    – Low Risk 
  • HOLD    – Medium Risk
  • REJECT    – High Risk

Along with the scoring, and ratings, the 3rd Man results will be available to you within MySagePay using a traffic light display.  Green - low risk, Amber - medium risk, Red - high risk.

How does it work?

Whenever a transaction is processed through your account the information of the payment is passed through to the Fraud Screening tool.

Fraud Screening will then use this information to perform checks and provide you with a score for the transaction. This score will then be displayed within MySagePay as part of the fraud prevention checks available on your account.