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Sage Pay Version 3.00 – Basket contents not being picked up by Sage Accounts

"I've upgraded my account to Version 3.00 but now my basket contents are not being picked up by Sage Accounts"

As part of Sage Pay Version 3.00 you have 2 versions of the basket field that you can send for your transaction.  These are the - 

  • Basket
  • BasketXML

​​The Basket XML is a new addition to Sage Pay version 3.00 whilst the Basket field is the same field included in older versions of Sage Pay.  

If you have moved from the Basket field to the BasketXML field then your Sage Accounts software will not pick up the contents of the field and import them into your accounts.  

To ensure that your Sage Accounts software can pick up your basket contents you MUST use the Basket field and NOT the BasketXML field.

Sage Accounts is not written to support the Basket XML field but will continue to support the use of the traditional Basket field.