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Surcharges not being carried over into Sage Accounts

“I have surcharges enabled on my account but they are not being imported into Sage Accounts”

If you have surcharges enabled on your Sage Pay account they will be applied to the transactions that are processed through your account.

Unfortunately surcharges are not able to be carried into the Sage Accounts software at this time. 

The transaction will be processed as normal, and any surcharges that you have added to your account will be included in the value but the individual Surcharge field will not be carried into your Sage Accounts software.

How do I know the surcharge has been added to the transaction?

If you want to confirm that your surcharge has been added to your transactions you can do so by logging into your MySagePay admin panel .

Once logged in locate the transaction and you will be able to see the amount, the surcharge amount, and the amount with surcharge displayed to you.