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Activating Sage Pay in Sage 50c

Before you can begin using eInvoice’s you will first need to activate your Sage Pay account within your Sage 50c.

Completing the activation has to be done before any of your transactions can be processed, and reconciled in your accounts software.

Logging In

Before activating Sage Pay you must first log into your Sage 50c as a user with administrative rights.  

This can be either a user you have created, or the manager on the software.

Changing your settings

Once logged in, you will then need to click on Settings, followed by company preferences. 

After selecting Company Preferences, followed by Sage Pay you will be able to enter the details of your account into Sage 50c.

You will be prompted to enter your;

  • Vendor Name – of your Sage Pay account
  • Username – this is the name of a user from your MySagePay
  • Password – the password of the username  from your MySagePay
  • E-mail Address – your own e-mail address

Important – When entering a username into your Sage 50c we would advise that you have created a user within your MySagePay​ to be used specifically with your Sage 50c.

Have a look how to create a user within your MySagePay

After you have entered the details of your Sage Pay account you will then need to select the bank details for the funds from your eInvoice’s to be allocated too.

Tip – When selecting the bank account please remember to do this carefully, you may find it worthwhile to create a specific bank account for your Invoice Payments transactions.  On a day to day basis you may have a large number of Invoice Payments transactions that are later transferred into your bank account as a collective value.  This will allow you to match the values easier.

You are also able to choose if you would like your Sage 50c to check for payments each time you open the software, and you can force your Sage 50 to request you enter your password each time.

Your Sage 50c will not automatically download the transactions for you, it will simply take you to the download wizard ready to import the transactions into your Sage 50c software.