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Error Codes

Find out why an error happened and how to fix it.

5006 : Unable to redirect to Vendors web site. The Vendor failed to provide a RedirectionURL.

Error number: 5006
Error message:
5006 : Unable to redirect to Vendors web site. The Vendor failed to provide a RedirectionURL.


As part of the Server integration transactional process Sage Pay send a post to your notification URL with the status, and outcome of the transaction.

We then need a response to the notification post from your system that includes a Redirect URL.  This Redirect URL is used by Sage Pay to re-direct the shopper back from our payment pages to your website where they will be presented with either a Success or Failure page.

If you have received this error it is due to the response to the notification post not including a re-direct URL, or the URL is not in the correct format.

When this error is generated the transaction may not be visible within your MySagePay admin panel. Also the transaction may not be visible within your Successful, Failed, or Invalid logs.

This is due to the transaction not being archived on our systems and still in an active state.

We will attempt to notify your system of all transactions processed through your account, as the transaction is still active Sage Pay will attempt multiple times to notify you of the status of the transaction until it times out.

Once the transaction has "timed out" it will then appear in your logs, and on the MySagePay transaction list.




To resolve this error you must first ensure that :

  • You are supplying a Redirct URL to Sage Pay in the response to the notification post.
  • Your Redirct URL is in the correct format when it is returned to Sage Pay.
  • Check your server logs to ensure the notification post from Sage Pay has been received and a response including the Redirect URL has been sent.
  • Ensure your response is in line with the Sage Pay Server Protocol - Section B2.

This will enable you to check that your platform is reacting to the Sage Pay notification post in the correct way.  Normally the exclusion or format of the Redirect URL is the cause of this error.  Your server logs will identify if the notification post is being received by Sage Pay and a response is being sent by your system.

If the above has been checked, or unable to be checked look to the server for possible restrictions that could cause the transaction to encounter errors. 

  • Ensure you have opened ports 80 and 443 on your Servers  to allow posts from Sage Pay.
  • Ensure all Sage Pay IP Addresses have been added to your Server.
  • Check any additional firewall or security measures will allow contact from the Sage Pay systems.

After checking, and validating all of the above you are still encountering this error you can change the Notification URL to another link on your server that can be tracked to ensure contact is being made by the Sage Pay system and a response is being generated.

For information on the Server integration process, and the response that must be sent from your system please download a copy of our protocol guide.